hey gorgeous. what are you up to? i bet you're doing great. what are you doing up so late? it's like twelve. don't you have classes or something? oh i guess i could just talk to you on skype. well. uh. you're loved. miss you. my dog is stupid. yeeaah

aaAAAAHHHHHHHH BLU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH i’m doing pretty alright today!! i hope you are too.

well i actually was playing graces like all day after i got home from school (WHOOPS) and i decided “i should do some homework” so i got on my computer (even though my homework is no where near the computer) and i juST???? IDK WHY I DO THESE THINGS

you can always talk to me on skype. <3 i miss you lots. i wish we lived closer.
it’s ok my dog is . .. idk dogs.. . /shudderS

ILU LOTS!!!! i hope you are doing really good. and it’s later for you why are you up.